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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Sales and Services





JohnsTek provides UAV sales and service to the client based on client needs. Our UAVs, or Drones, are guaranteed to be the best solution at the best cost for the customer!






JohnsTek provides SENTIO, a C4iC Command and control software that shares the common operating picture and operational plans over a secure network.Also available is our Emergency management software developed to train and manage response in support affected population and critical assets during a crisis.

Integrated Communications





JohnsTek offers anIntegrated Communicationsinfrastructurethat provides organizations an interoperable Command and Control System for supporting Nationwide Emergency Management, Military Operations, Police Activity, or Private multi-communciation platform integration. This communications infrastructure is a system that extends coverage area while facilitating organizations to interface with other partners, private organizations, and local response organizations to effectively coordinate security, response and recovery efforts.

Strategic Knowledge InFrastructure (SKIF)





JohnsTek’s SKIF tool is easily adaptive, featuring proven project management and collaboration capabilities. The SKIF is accessible immediately to our clients through any web browser. It is also available as a mobile app for most smart phones and tablets. The SKIF offers a full range of features, to include:

  • Secure Role Based Access Controls
  • Task Management and Scheduling
  • Project Status Reporting and Oversight
  • Total Team Collaboration
  • Notifications and Announcements
  • Document Storage and Collaboration
  • Project Meeting Coordination and Support

Knowledge Share


Share data between systems, integrate multiple data sources, or interface information systems directly through Knowledge Share!

Creates system-to-system connections or automated data share between disparate databases. Aligns data sources to information systems, allowing wide latitude of information sharing and integration of new systems with legacy systems.


Strategic Intelligence Integration System (SIIS)


A complete solution for Intelligence Fusion Centers or Emergency Operations Center focused on Security, Monitoring, Detection, and Alert.

SIIS provides users with Information Collection, Data Correlation, Analysis, Product Development, Workflow Managmenet Dissemination, Alert and much more. (Click for More)


Entegra Analytics

Entegra Analytics

Entegra Analytics software enables government agencies and large companies to collect, manage, and analyze large amounts of intelligence data, including Geospatial, Biometric, Social Media, Event, Relationship, Incident, Organized Crime, and Entity Object Information.

Our software provides the tools needed to extract actionable intelligence from disparate data and develop common operating pictures across multiple intelligence sources.

Intel Management Track intelligence information throughout its life-cycle of intake, analysis, dissemination and archiving.

Intel Analysis Use advanced tools to perform geospatial analysis, natural language processing, text and link analysis.

Incident Management Integrated incident management to track and record your active incidents across a wide variety of areas (crime, suspicious activity, cybersecurity, drug trafficking, human trafficking).

Advanced Geospatial Intelligence Plot incident locations on a map. Perform drive time analysis, bomb-threat safety zone analysis, and chemical spill evacuation zone analysis. See the location and content of real-time Twitter feeds.

Intelligence Analysis Tools Use natural language processing to perform entity extraction, and text analysis. Create rich link graphs that connect both people and documents based on semantic analysis.

Integrated Sensors Integrate sensor systems such as video cameras, chemical, biological and radiation detectors with the other information managed by our solution.

Operations Center


A Regional Security Solution, our Security Operations Center capability can be as large or small as the customer needs it. This solution is tailored for each customer to provide the most efficient means for a complete security monitoring and detection capability of large geographical areas or facilities in support of:

  • Command and Control
  • Multi-Site Monitoring
  • Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Air Domain Awareness
  • Regional Domain Awareness prgrams

Distributed Operations Center

DOC Description

The Distributed Operations Center is a secure environment that spans a large geographic area to provide Command and Control, Situational Awareness, Information Sharing, asset GPS location reporting, Voice/VoIP/Radio integated communications, and video. Operating over a secure Virtual Private Network, the DOC is ideal for small government first responder agencies, developing military organizations, organizations operating in low bandwidth areas. This low cost solution offers a long list of capabilities.




SeeCrypt Secure Mobile Services with Military-Grade Commercial Encryption Software available via a mobile APP for smart phones! The powerful encryption algorithms creates a secure phone call or exchanges text messages over a device-to-device connection that cannot be hacked or compromised through eavesdropping.


World Alert


A powerful tool that provides local awareness and security threat level of selected Geographic Locations from your computer or mobile device. Fulltime security monitoring and personal Panic Button also available!

Great for frequent travelers, organizations with international interests, or international real estate investors.


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